Updated 12/28/2010 - The code is now open source! You can download it in Java or Perl
Updated 5/5/2004 - I got it doing something! but it will only do 16 players. So don't bother tring anything else, I will try and fix it when I can. The code was converted from Java to Perl and I am having problems with some of it.

Create Single and Double elimination brackets. Just fill in the form below. This is a simple program so they are not the absolute best. For example, the byes could be placed better. However, you can make vary large brackets (like 500+). For better printing, you can display each bracket (winners or losers) at a time. You might want to change the font size and the size of the name field to fit your needs. Enjoy, Steven.

When you get tired playing with this, you might want to try BracketMaker.com, they do a much better job.

Number of players:
Display single elimination bracket
Display double elimination bracket
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