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Welcome to the Austin Dart Association's Home page. Your source for darts in Austin, Texas.

1/28/05 - I added a new News Letter section for ADA news Letters.

1/25/05 - I have moved to a new forum package.  This one is using phpBB. You can get to it from the old one is still up but all the post are locked. 

1/21/05 - Spring schedules are on-line.

12/1/04 - Bluebonnet Dart Tournament 2005  flyer (Jan 21-23 2005).

12/1/04 - Capitol City Classic 2005 flyer (Feb 11-13 2005).

9/21/04 - Fall Stats are on-line.

8/31/04 - Fall Schedules are on-line.

8/3/04 - I am moving the web site to a new provider, there might be some down time over the weekend.

6/15/04 - Corrected stats for week 2 have been posted.

5/26/04 - Summer 2004 Schedules are on-line. (UPDATED 6/1/2004)

3/22/04 - The online stats are not going to be updated until April 11th, sorry for any inconvenience, but I will be out of town.

1/22/04 - Spring 2004 Stats are on-line.

1/22/04 - On-line entry for Spring 2004 leagues is ready to go.

1/12/04 - New message board!!!! check it out, let me know what you think.

1/12/04 - 2004 Spring Schedules are on-line (sorry for the delay!)

11/17/03 - ADA Christmas Party on Dec 6, see events calendar for more information.

11/10/03 - Capitol City Classic 2004 flyer (Jan 30 - Feb 1 2004).

9/29/03 - will be down from 10pm CST to 2am CST on Tuesday Oct. 7, 2003 while the servers are upgraded.  On-line entry might not be available during that time.

9/15/03 - Fall 2003 Stats are on-line.

9/15/03 - ADA Summer Picnic information is here.  $8.00 for parking, $6 for tent camping and $15 for RV's. Please RSVP - See flyer for more information.

9/8/03 - Fall 2003 Schedules and on-line entry are up and ready.

8/25/03 - ADA Rules and Bylaws are now on-line. Also I have added a new Information section with general information about the ADA, ADO, and darts.  If anyone has more that they want to donate to this section e-mail it to me and I will put it up.

8/22/03 - Finally got the Halloween Open flyer.

7/14/03 - update ADA statistician address 1312 Choquette Austin,78757.

6/20/03 - The ADA has a new statistician. You can now submit your stats on-line or e-mail

6/20/03 - Summer 2003 Results are on-line.

6/20/03 - Summer 2003 Schedules are on-line.

6/11/03 - I have not received any information from the ADA about schedules nor stats. So until I get all the info I need, do not submit your stats to the web site at this time!

4/4/03 - ADO All Stars information.

3/4/03 - Results from the Capital City Classic. 

3/4/03 - ADA GMM (General Membership Meeting) and Memorial Tournament has been moved from May 17 to May 10!

3/3/03 - I was just informed that the St. Patrickís Day/Ericís Memorial Tournament at Flores Restaurant has been postponed until May. If will now be held at the GMM.

1/10/03 - On-line stats entry is ready for Spring 2003.

1/10/03 - The Event calendar has been update through June.

1/10/03 - Schedules are on-line for Spring 2003.

12/31/02 - The 2003 $10,000 Capital City Classic (Feb 21-23) Flyer is on-line.

11/26/02 - Sign-up information for Spring 2003 seasons.

11/26/02 - ADA Christmas Party information.

9/17/02 - Fall 2002 Stats are on-line.

9/10/02 - Fall 2002 Schedules are on-line.

8/20/02 - Halloween Open flyer. (also available in pdf format)

8/12/02 - Summer Bash for cash flyer.

8/12/02 - Fall Sing-up information!

6/17/02 - Summer 2002 Schedules and Stats are on-line.  Have a good season.

1/26/02 - Spring 2002 Stats are ready, should be on-line soon!

1/25/02 - Spring 2002 Schedules are on-line!

12/26/01 - Check out the calendar for next seasons sign ups.

12/11/01 - Capital City Classic flyer.

10/5/01 - Halloween Open (Oct 26-27) flyer is now on-line, and a map.

9/30/01 - Sorry for the delay, but the stats for Fall 2001 are now on-line!

9/11/01 - Fall 2001 schedules are on-line.

9/11/01 - NO DARTS TODAY! Please get the word out.

7/29/01 - ADA Money League Draft is Aug 17th at the Summer Bash.

7/29/01 - Fall League Sign-ups are Aug 28th and 30th.

7/14/01 - Summer Bash Flyer is on-line (jpg) or (doc).

6/19/01 - U.S. Team Regional Qualifier dates are on the Upcoming Events calendar.  For more information e-mail Paul Campbell.

6/3/01 - New schedules for Tuesday and Thursday are on-line!

6/3/01 - On-line entry for Summer 2001 is ready, e-mail me your passwords if you forgot or need a new one.

6/3/01 - Summer 2001 stats are on-line!

5/21/01 - Summer 2001 Schedules (Thursday only) are on-line.

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 On-line entry of stats has arrived!!

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