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Dragon*Con is over and Claudia made 12 hats!  The Austin Browncoats are extremely proud of her accomplishments, as well as her dedication to our charitable causes.

The best news: Kids Need To Read will receive a $1000 donation from this fundraiser to assist libraries in need of book donations, as well as promote literacy.

We would've loved to hand the $1000 check to Nathan Fillion while at Dragon*Con, but sadly, he left the convention a day early.  That being said, we know that KNTR, along with PJ Haarsma and Nathan Fillion appreciate Claudia's efforts and the Austin Browncoats hope to be able to assist this charity again in the near future.

We truly appreciate the support from the Dragon*Con-goers, Browncoats, our friends and family.  We will contact you over the next fews days to handle your donation.  Thank you again and see you next year at Dragon*Con!


The Austin Browncoats are a non-profit organization benefiting local and national

charities to help people all around the globe

Claudia will only be knitting during the booth hours 
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-7pm
Monday 10am -5pm
This site will be updated on a daily basis whith pictures and progress.

Hats Knit: 12!!!!!

Hat #1
Hat # 2 

hat #3

Hat #4
Hat #4
haat #5
Hat #5

Hat #6
Hat #5,6 & 7 were pre-ordered

hat 7
Hat #7

hat 8
Hat #8
I also knit  1/2 hat  tomrrow is showdown!!!
Day 4

Hat#9 I just finished and the good Dr. came and looked at it.

Hat #10
I am smiling, but my fingers really were hurting.

Hat #11 is a birthday present for a special Dad!!!
Hat #12 the very last one, it was finished at 4:30pm
I had a ton of fun knitting these at Dragon Con and I really appreciate everybody for their pledges and their support. It was so much fun when people started to ask "how many?" or "what number?"
This was an exciting experience, and I hope to be able to do this again in the future.


See the people who pledged here

to pledge please email:

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